Conductive copper and aluminiu

Copper-Aluminum Composite Row

Copper-Aluminum Composite Row


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The copper-aluminum composite row is a conductor whose   appearance is  copper  and  whose  inner core is  aluminum. The  direct forming process of the hot composite flat-rolling continuous rolling process forms a uniform continuous bonding layer at the interface between copper and aluminum and the interface bonding strength reaches 35 MPa or more. The  current carrying capacity reaches 86% of the T2 copper row. When selected the cross section only needs to increase by 20% or the thickness is increased by 33%. The temperature rise and short tolerance can meet the requirements of the low-voltage switchgear   without  changing the electricity.  Control and distribution equipment structure no need to redesign easy to change; copper-aluminum composite row instead of copper row has  good economic benefits applied to new energy distribution complete sets of equipment building wiring and other fields;
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