Conductive copper and aluminiu

Soft Connection

Soft Connection


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        Soft connections are widely used in flexible current connections in large current and seismic environments such as  generator sets transformers busbars switches electric locomotives and new energy battery packs. The copper braided wire soft connection is made up of multiple strands of copper wire. It is cut according to the length of the demand. The joint is mainly made of   tinned copper tube  after  cold pressing and  forming.  The copper/aluminum  foil  soft  connection interface is  mainly used.   Molecular diffusion welding is punched once after molding and the welding requirements are high.
Soft connection function advantages:
1. It can avoid running accidents caused by earthquakes displacements etc. in the surrounding environment.
2 to play an auxiliary cooling effect
3. Make the conductive connection between the high current devices more convenient reliable and safe and protect the related equipment from external forces.
4 easy to install high power rate energy saving low connection resistance good electrical conductivity anti-fatigue ability long service life maintenance-free.