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Powder Insulated Copper Bar

Powder Insulated Copper Bar


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Use of materials:
2.Insulating powder

Product description:

The insulating powder spraying copper bar is to encapsulate the insulating resin powder on the copper bar without special process treatment so as to realize the surrounding insulation. Because of the good heat dissipation of the insulating coating the position thickness and size of the coating are not limited the flow conductivity of the sprayed master row is greatly increased compared with the traditional heat-shrinkable tube scheme and the insulation problems of various special-shaped copper bars are also solved. Powder insulated copper bars can also be further superimposed to form a spray superimposed composite master bars.

Product characteristics:
1. Excellent heat dissipation. The insulating material of the spraying master row is closely adhered to the copper bar which is beneficial to the heat dissipation of the copper conductor. Compared with the traditional heat sink scheme it has better heat dissipation performance.
2. Wide application. The mother row product can be of any shape and the outlet can be in any part thus saving the installation space.
High voltage withstand. The insulation layer thickness of the sprayed bus bar is 0.1-3 mm which can withstand the pressure test of 380V-15000VAC.
Strong adhesion. The spraying master row can pass various rigorous tests such as Baige impact vibration high and low temperature aging etc.
5. Long life. The effective life of spraying mother row is more than 150000H.
6. Fire retardant and environmental protection. It meets UL94V0 flame retardant standard.
Product parameters

Distribution/complete electrical appliances industry
Car Electronics (Electric Vehicles)
Electric motorcycles
* Solar/photovoltaic industry
Rail transit
Other special industries

叠层母排是一种多层复合结构连接排,其主要用于完成电力电子产品中功率电路和器件的电气连接,通过正负极层叠平行分布的结构形式降低线路分布电感,从而降低功率元件两端的反向峰值电压,降低功率器件对电压保护吸收电路的要求,提高功率器件运行的可靠性和稳定性,同时提高了电路的集成度模块化,便于维修维护 ,英文简称Busbar。